Micromobility Solutions

Complete Micromobility Solution.
Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.

Chosen by the city of Copenhagen and several operators for their bike-sharing services,
VAIMOO is a full-fledged, fast deployable and quickly integrable solution
to complete the mobility experience from the first to the last mile.

Micromobility Solutions with MERMEC

Micro-mobility is critical for transport networks to be resilient and to cover the last-mile travel experience in a passenger journey. Nowadays several micromobility operators are serving local areas with different solutions considering partially the whole passenger journey that starts with a public transport operator.

MERMEC has been known as a reliable and pioneering developer of high-tech solutions for public transport operators for over 30 years. MERMEC know-how, combined with the extensive experience in developing connected e-vehicle systems worldwide, made VAIMOO possible.

VAIMOO is the unique, comprehensive and innovative Micromobility solution designed to meet reliability, scalability and sustainability for transport operators while providing the best end-user last-mile travel experience.

VAIMOO | The Vehicle Sharing System
VAIMOO is the All-In-One Micromobility Solution that includes a Management & Maintenance platform and e-bikes equipped with on-board telematics. VAIMOO fleet is fast deployable in both station-based and free-floating sharing schemes. E-bikes are designed for durability and easy maintenance while the system is easily integrable with existing as well as third-party systems and vehicles. More 
SUSTAINABILITY | Economical & Environmental
SUSTAINABILITY | Economical & Environmental
SUSTAINABILITY Economical & Environmental

Every characteristic of VAIMOO (hardware & software) system has been designed focusing on Sustainability:

  • E-bikes designed against vandalism and certified for safety and resistance thus resulting in cost-saving operations;
  • Consultancy and support on business and operation modelling, deployment and training on the job.
SCALABILITY | For the Business Needs
SCALABILITY | For the Business Needs
SCALABILITY For the Business Needs

VAIMOO is designed to evolve as your business needs to grow in the capillarity of services offered:

  • Composed by Fast Deployable Modular Fleet Infrastructures;
  • Deployable in both Docked and Free-Floating schemes, with e-bikes suitable for different morphologic areas.
FLEXIBILITY | In Every Context of use
FLEXIBILITY | In Every Context of use
FLEXIBILITY In Every Context of use

VAIMOO adapts to the context of use. Custom developments are also possible, enabling teams to modularize the cooperation with partners by providing Technology & Services:

  • System designed as an open platform to be quickly integrated with your travel experience and existing fleets;
  • The integrate ticketing system combined with the rule based Pricing engine allows the solution to react quickly to changing business needs.
USABILITY | Easy to Use & Fast to Adopt
USABILITY | Easy to Use & Fast to Adopt
USABILITY Easy to Use & Fast to Adopt

Ergonomically shaped and connected to the end-user App, VAIMOO e-bikes provide the easiest way to start a ride for everyone:

  • Fully mobile integrated user registration performed in few seconds;
  • Virtual Drop Zones and promotions for specific behaviours, optimized infrastructure costs and vehicle relocation.
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