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Railway Maintenance Decision Support System

RAMSYS is a single modular software platform that enables proactive management of a diverse set of railway assets through enhanced analysis of volumes of data (measurements, current and historic asset data,…). It is the first and only Decision Support System that fully support condition based & predictive maintenance. Read more ›
RAMSYS will enable us to implement advanced predictive methods on our client's assets through leading edge economic life modelling, analysis, deterioration assessment, and defect optimisation.
John Holland, AU
Strong industry collaboration with MERMEC's product being developed by railway engineers for the railway industry.
Brookfield Rail, AU

Clustering of defects allows us target better the execution of maintenance works. RFI, IT
Facts & Figures
20.000+ railway vehicles managed
70.000+ km of track managed
12 customers in 9 countries
400+ user licenses sold

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Simply Amazing

The easy flow of information, the ability to flick through data, the primacy of processing power. RAMSYS puts all your network's data at your fingertips, just in a blink.
Discover RAMSYS core functionalities.
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  RAMSYS is a commercial off the shelf system designed for proactive management of railway assets.
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