Dr Find will check the Seoul Metro line

The testing activities of the diagnostic train, called Dr. Find, were approved last November 5th.

 November 5, 2008

A sophisticated system, designed by MERMEC and Tecnogamma, (MERMEC Group companies) will monitor Seoul Metro's 210 kilometers of line in South Korea.

Through planning activities and continuous monitoring, the use of this vehicle will permit Seoul Metro to identify, in advance, defects on the line allowing specific maintenance activities to be done on time, improving the comfort of the transportation for passengers, helping to eliminate eventual accidents and reducing maintenance costs. The diagnostic train was customized on the basis of the customer’s technological and aesthetic, integrating several state of the art diagnostics systems in order to monitoring the main parameters of the railway line: overhead line, rail profile, corrugation, ballast and fastener condition (computer vision systems) and clearance gauge (the telemeter is able to acquire up to 100 complete frames per second).

Dr. Find, already in function, runs the line every 2 days for 4 hours, stopping one week every two, can operate up to 80 Km/h and can host up to 7 operators (in addition to the conductor) but it also allows users to control all the diagnostic systems at the same time from an unique station.

One of the MERMEC Group goals is to closely collaborate with the customers, proposing itself as technological partner and guaranteeing, also in the after-sales phase, punctual and effective assistance; this goal was reached with Seoul Metro as the MERMEC Group offered all its know- how and professionalism.
A 30 day training period permitted the local operators to autonomously manage the onboard systems and a MERMEC Group technician will remain in Seoul for 6 months in order to provide the customer with any needed assistance.

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