2011 Prism Award Finalists Announced

January 2012, Photonics Spectra

 January 4, 2012  Clearance Gauge Measurement, Tunnel Wall Inspection, T-Sight 5000

Mermec T-Sight 5000

In the past, railway inspections were performed visually, during off-peak traffic hours.

Mounted to the front of a highspeed train, T-Sight 5000 allows such inspections to be performed in real time at speeds greater than 300 k/h.

The internal architecture of the T-Sight 5000 integrates two systems (clearance gauge measurement and tunnel wall inspection) sharing the same laser illuminating source.

The system contains no rotating or moving parts and is the smallest, lightest and most accurate on the market.

Applications: in-depth inspection and analysis of tunnels and clearance profiles on railways.

Photonics spectra - January 2012
2011 Prism Award Finalists Announced

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