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Pole Detection system
Pole Detection

Pole Detection

When inspection is completed and data streams are gathered, the maintenance team must rely on only some specific information regarding the exact location of the defective sections. The pole detection system correctly yields this information.

Defective sections are located by the two poles confining it. The continuous detection of the catenary wire support structure along the track, integrated by the precise location of the poles is the way to immediately calculate the exact position of the fault.

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Pole Detection

The system consists of two acquisition units mounted side by side on the inspection car‘s rooftop. Each unit comprises two distance measurement systems with the beams directing vertically upwards. The light of a high-frequency modulated laser beam is reflected by objects and collected by a lens onto a detector. The phase of the detected signal differs from the emitted signal due to the light‘s time of flight. From this phase shift one can deduce the distance to the object. The system records a pole if both laser beams of an acquisition unit are reflected simultaneously.

Product Family Overhead Line Measuring Systems
Technology Optical, No-contact
Parameters Presence of cantilevers (distance and spatial)
Measuring Speed 0 ÷ 320 km/h (0 ÷ 200 mph)
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System also available in unmanned version
Served Railways
Mass TransitMass Transit
High SpeedHigh Speed
Main & RegionalMain & Regional
Heavy HaulHeavy Haul

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