iCAB Series 1 - The Intermittent Train Management System developed according to the latest UNISIG specifications.

Enhance your existing national Automatic Train Protection network providing a higher level of safety (SIL4) and cost efficiency for interoperability between different projects and countries. As an add-on on conventional lines, iCAB 1 will exploit the already present signalling.

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Wayside Subsystem

iCAB 1 series wayside subsystem is based on intermittent track-to-train communication using LEU (Lineside Equipment Unit) and Eurobalise. It can, optionally, be integrated with advanced data infill for performance enhancement.

Interlocking LEU
  • Captures movement authority information from interlocking system
  • Selects and sends telegrams to Eurobalise that contain movement authorities and track status data
Interlocking LEU
Signal LEU
  • Acquires signal status by directly interfacing light signal and measures electric current transferred from interlocking system to signal
  • Sends telegram to Eurobalise
Signal LEU
  • When energized by RSDD Antenna, sends a telegram to trains in transit
  • FIXED Balise: Stores infrastructure data as pre-formatted telegrams, specifying instance position reference, speed limits, line gradient, works on the line etc
  • SWITCHABLE Balise: Sends telegrams to train from LEU that contain movement permissions and trackside data

Onboard Subsystem

The iCAB 1 series onboard subsystem receives and analyzes the information about the trackside status and characteristics of the movement permission sent by the Eurobalise. It automatically applies brakes if the comparison of the actual speed with the permitted speed shows that restriction of the speed must be observed.

RSDD Train Antenna
  • Energizes the Eurobalise
  • Receives the telegram sent by the trackside balises

Statement of Conformity to Subset-085 0474/SA/CCS/EN/2008QTL12 iussued by RINA

RSDD Train Antenna
Balise Transmission Module (BTM)
  • Manages the Eurobalise interface
  • Controls the supply of energy for telepowering the balises
  • Receives and decodes the telegrams coming from the balises

Statement of Conformity to Subset-085 0474/SA/CCS/EN/2008QTL12 iussued by RINA

European Vital Computer (EVC)
  • Applies the Automatic Train Protection logic
  • Acts as the Interface with the train's main functions (odometry,etc...)
  • Manages the vital functions of the on-board subsystem and provides support for diagnostic maintenance of the on-board subsystem
Driver Machine Interface (DMI)
  • LCD touch screen panel to interact with the driver for control and indication functions

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