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Wireless Networks monitoring system
Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

System checks RFcoverage, acquires functional parameters for commercial wireless technology, evaluates service quality index.

The diagnostic system is able to check the RF coverage, and to acquire functional parameters for commercial wireless technology (GSM and DCS) and for GSM-R service quality. Additionally, the system checks the speech quality degradation occurring through the telephony network and evaluates the packet switching data transmission performances (GPRS).

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Wireless Networks

The system is made up of the following components:

  • SYNC BOARD, sending synchronization signal to a scanner receiver
  • Train Antennas
  • Software module with PESQ algorithm, evaluating the quality of voice signal
  • Voice response module
  • Digital acquisition board, necessary to manage the synchronization pulses
  • Scanner RF receivers
  • Mobile stations, acquiring the layer 3 messages and the related parameter
  • Acquisition and elaboration unit AUPU.
Definition of GSM-R: Global Standard for Mobile Communications Rail In 1993, the worldwide organization of railway cooperation (UIC, Union Internationale des Chemins de fer) decided on a new system of railway communication. The decision was made to not to use TETRA for this task but to use a slightly modified GSM 900 technology. 32 railway operators from 24 European countries agreed in the EIRENE (European Integrated Railway radio Enhanced NEtwork) MoU to roll out GSM-R (-R stands for Railway) networks. GSM-R was finally specified 1999 by ETSI and in 2000 by EIRENE.
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