MERMEC brings to market innovative solutions that deliver safe and efficient management of railway infrastructure. We work with the highest integrity, compliance culture and respect for human rights while also reducing the impact of our technology and environmental footprint.

CSR Report 2018 (IT)

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Everyday thousands of railways and rapid transits transport billions of passengers and freight all over the world. They are very different transportation systems with a fundamental need in common: provide exceptional service to their customers. This ultimate goal, required railway companies to introduce a more integrated and innovative approach to their infrastructure management, asking for cutting-edge technologies able to give maintenance crews the ability to work at their full potential and fix problems before they come-to-light. This has been our mission for the past 30 years: helping the world's railways run safe and efficient networks so that their passengers can enjoy pleasant journeys, wherever they are headed.


Ingenuity for a sustainable railway future

We are thinking about tomorrow, today. For us, an environmentally sustainable future means thinking and acting in the interest of generations to come. We recognize the important responsibility we have to do all we can to minimize the impacts of our operations. We conduct our activities with minimal environmental impact, while providing cleaner, more sustainable product and services to our customers.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy (IT) Product Policy (IT)


Operating with integrity, advancing fundamental human rights and responsible labor practices

We recognize that our reputation for integrity and compliance, and our commitment to ethical business conduct are a competitive advantage. We are committed to promoting our ethical culture throughout our organization while maintaining a world-class compliance culture everywhere we operate around the world. We will foster an inclusive culture, adopt and apply ethical labor practices, build trust with our teammates, and model our respect for diversity and for fundamental human rights.

Code of Ethics (IT) CSR Policy (IT)


Demanding environmental, social and ethical standards require responsible selection of suppliers

We focus on supply chain management and responsible procurement. We remain committed to continuously raise awareness, educate, and provide training to our employees in order to respond effectively to responsible supply chain issues. We work with suppliers and subcontractors to establish a responsible supply chain that ensures compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Procurement Policy


Building safety into all we do, promoting a healthy lifestyle

We aim to be the safest railway supplier in our sector by establishing an uncompromising safety culture and implementing a management system designed to minimize risk and drive continuous improvement. We focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and setting activity incentives to support each employee’s health and personal well-being.

ISO 45001 Safety Policy (IT)

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