MER MEC among the finalists in the second edition of Italy's Meccatronica award

 June 24, 2008

Reggio Emilia, Italy - MER MEC was among the finalists of the second edition of the Meccatronica award, organized and promoted by the Industrial Association of Reggio Emilia. The award ceremony, held June 24th, 2008 at Reggio Emilia's Valli Theater hosted five finalists that were recognized as the best Italian companies who, through their interdisciplinary technologies, creation of new technologies never before seen, originality and quality of their designs, have succeeded in international markets. The five finalists were Ducati S.p.A., MER MEC S.p.A., NewCorTec S.p.A., Nice S.p.A. and System Group.
The jury, which was led by Gianni Borghi (President of the Industrial Association of Reggio Emilia) and included Alberto Forchielli (General Manager of Mandarin Fund), Pasquale Pistorio (Vice-President of Research, Innovation and Europe, Confindustria), Alessandro Ovi (Director of Technology Review), Enzo Rullani (Professor of Business Strategy, Universitò Ca' Foscari, Venice), Aimone Storchi (President of Club Meccatronica) and Auro Palomba (President of Community) as secretary, awarded System Group S.p.A.

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