MERMEC Group adopts "Lean Six Sigma" approach

 November 2008

Monopoli, ITALY - In today’s market place, globalization imposes even higher standards on companies' output; quality, speed and delivery have become even more important aspects for a company’s success.

Considering this, the MERMEC Group has chosen to implement methods for continuous improvement, able to increment its business performances through problem solving techniques.

The method of choice for the MERMEC Group was the implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodology, an extremely efficient approach to answer to the market’s dynamism. Starting from the last September, 60 key figures in MERMEC Group companies have been involved in a training program, organized in three modules from which 32 important projects to be completed within 6 months have been created. Lean Sigma projects involve the majority of the business areas and have been appropriately structured in 5 phases (define, measure, analyze, improve, control).

Every logical passage of these phases has its own basis and constitutes a real organizational philosophy to follow for analyzing and improving every stage of the business process. The choice to adopt a managerial strategy for continuous improvement that focuses on product quality and processes speed has the goal to revolutionize performance efficiency. Performance that will impact both productive and transactional processes to offer the final customer the best products and services available on the market.

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