MERMEC Group ready to reinforce its presence in the Indian market

 February 2009

INDIA - INDIA has always been a very interesting opportunity for the MERMEC Group companies.
MERMEC continues to penetrate this market by building profitable relationships with key personnel of the Indian Railways.
Before the formation of MERMEC Group, only small and isolated business took place in India.
Tecnogamma sold a portable track geometry measurement system and several steel products.
Imagemap sold a rail profile measurement system.
MERMEC sold RAMSYS to Mumbai Regional Transport Company (MRVC).
Now the plan is to build a stronger, integrated presence that will include all four business units.
In December 2008, Mr. Vij, (Vice-Minister and Engineering Member, Indian Railway Board) and Mr. D. Kishen (Civil Engineering Member, Indian Railway Board), hosted a conference in Delhi.

For the first time in India, the MERMEC Group was invited to present its new organization and business units and speak on the subject of Track Diagnostic Systems.
The event was prepared by, Mr. Riccardo Bianchi, sales representative for India and SE Asia, together with MERMEC Group’s Indian agent, Mr. Rajinder Sehgal of Vandhana International.
Over 20 top executives were in attendance and involved in the project of introducing new Track Recording Cars within Indian Railways (from IR, RDSO, Rites).

Mr. Giuseppe Aurisicchio, Product Line Manager of Diagnostics Business Unit and member of CEN International Committee for the Preparation of International Standard EN 13848, presented the following key diagnostic products to the Indian Railways:

  • Track Geometry
  • Rail Profile
  • Rail Corrugation
  • Ride Quality
  • Track Vision Systems

The presentation was well received and as a follow up, a delegation of IR RDSO officers are planning to visit the MERMEC Group in Europe this March.

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