WestNet Rail has chosen MERMEC’s RAMSYS holistic approach

 February 2009

WestNet Rail (WNR) has awarded the preferred vendor status for the PIMS (Perway Information Management System) to MERMEC.

WNR, which operates and maintains the 5,100 km rail freight network in the south west of Western Australia, engaged MERMEC’s Railway Asset Manageement and Decision Support Solution (RAMSYS) for the implementation of its PIMS. With PIMS WNR intends to achieve:

  • Improved infrastructure reliability
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced risk levels
  • A central repository of information enabling better knowledge
  • Confidence in data and decision making
  • Increased pro-active management of infrastructure

The PIMS requirements for WNR have been categorised into short (3-5 years) and long term (>5 years) implementation phases.
The first implementation, starting immediately, will be in the form of a ‘pilot’ on assets and operations incorporated in the 300 km long testing line.

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