MERMEC wins TCDD new high-speed diagnostic train

 May 28, 2009

Ankara, Turkey - MERMEC Group is leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to the high-speed railway industry thanks to its technological excellence and superior expertise in systems integration.

In confirmation of this, TCDD recently awarded to MERMEC two contracts with a value of about € 9 million. The supply provides installation and integration of several advanced measuring systems for the permanent way and overhead line inspection. With this new contract 7 out of 9 high-speed diagnostic trains in the world are now powered by MERMEC Group diagnostic technology.

“We are able to provide some undeniable advantages to high-speed railways”, says Silvano Brandi, MERMEC Group Chief Executive Officer, “High speed lines measurements can be very different than those in conventional lines. The differences are mainly due to very high accuracy required and complex train/infrastructure interactions influencing the measurements themselves. This challenging contest requires superior know-how in railway domain and system integration that the MERMEC Group is able to provide”.

The systems will be installed on one of the coaches of an high speed train in revenue service. The coach will have a dedicated control room for a technical crew to have real-time display of data coming from measuring systems.

Unique of its kind in all the Middle-East, the train will control the operational efficiency of the newly opened Ankara-Istanbul passenger line, evaluating infrastructure’s compliance to safety standards as well as trains’ ride quality and onboard comfort. Joining the exclusive “club of the high speed” and choosing to adopt the most sophisticated technologies available for preventive maintenance of the new lines, TCDD is even more a reference of excellence in the area and in all the world.

TCDD - The State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, is the state corporation that operates the public railway system in Turkey. Founded in 1927 after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the railway network
had previously been run and financed by private corporations. TCDD operates around 8700 kilometres of ailway lines and recently opened a new high speed line between Ankara and Istanbul.

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