ImageMap changes name: MERMEC Inc. era begins

The MERMEC Group's United States subsidiary, ImageMap Inc., changes its company name to "MERMEC Inc." and starts a new chapter in its history by completing transitioning to corporate identity and alignment to group’s strategy and commercial proposition.

 March 17, 2010

“Since the acquisition of ImageMap by MERMEC in 2007, we have undertaken an initiative to integrate our product and service offerings worldwide” says Russell Taylor, MERMEC Inc. President and CEO. “The new name reflects the strength coming from the integration of all regional subsidiaries into a global, growth-oriented, world class brand with a unique product and services offering.”
MERMEC Inc. (formerly ImageMap Inc.) will remain based in Columbia, South Carolina, and will be lead by Russell Taylor who was appointed as President and CEO on January 1st, 2010.
Russell Taylor reports directly to Silvano Brandi, MERMEC Group CEO, and is responsible for repositioning MERMEC Inc. as leading supplier of safety solutions for the North American Countries. MERMEC Inc. will continue to serve high-speed and heavyhaul railways, rapid transits and steel companies by offering and supporting the entire Group’s product portfolio that includes cutting-edge technology and advanced solutions for diagnostics, asset management, and signaling.

Imagemap changes name: MERMEC Inc. era begins

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