MERMEC Group wins rich bid in Australia

MERMEC group has been chosen by RailCorp - the largest railway operator in New South Wales - as supplier of its new fleet of diagnostic vehicles.

 July 22, 2011

MERMEC group has been chosen by RailCorp - the largest railway operator in New South Wales - as supplier of its new fleet of diagnostic vehicles. Over 1600 km of lines, through which the Australian operator delivers passenger transport services in the metropolitan and suburban areas of Sydney (the state’s capital city), will be constantly monitored by means of inspection technologies.

Sydney, NSW Australia – The contract, which was signed by the RailCorp CEO Rob Manson and MERMEC Group Country Manager Saverio Ditroilo on Friday 20th May at RailCorp’s headquarters in Sydney, amounts to over €15 million. It includes the supply of two self-propelled 130 Km/h ROGER 800 diagnostic vehicles complete with a number of related systems and services, as well as a prospective purchase option for a third vehicle of the same type by the end of 2011.

“RailCorp’s corporate values charter - says Vito Pertosa, President of MERMEC Group – is introduced by the statement “Safety is our top priority”. The “modus operandi” summed up by this statement is so deep-seated and innate at RailCorp that the specific diagnostic vehicle tender specifications were the strictest and most complex we have ever been challenged with. The final outcome was even more important to us as concerns both the acknowledgement of our competence and know-how, and the esteem we have been awarded with the aim of building a profitable and lasting partnership with RailCorp”.

The supply of diagnostic solutions comprises a variety of no-contact optoelectronic measurement systems – track and overhead line geometry, rail profile, rail corrugation. As a result of these new technologies, RailCorp will be able to thoroughly analyse an infrastructure, to systematically monitor its deterioration over time and to single out any flaws or defects. The decision support system RAMSYS will also be supplied as a support tool aimed at analyzing the huge flow of data that will be acquired by the vehicles; this will enable all of the network maintenance staff to correlate data, search the real causes of any defect, and plan accurate and preventive maintenance procedures.

The established base of solutions MERMEC delivers in Australia is steadily growing; among its customers, state and private companies such as BHP Billiton, John Holland, Queensland Rail, Rio Tinto, and Westnet Rail.

MERMEC Group wins rich bid in Australia


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