Irish Railways choose RAMSYS Asset Management Tool by MERMEC Group

Iarnrod Éireann (IE), the national railway operator of Ireland will use RAMSYS decisions support system as company’s track management software for effective and efficient planning of maintenance and renewal works. MERMEC Group professional services will manage implementation and integration with IE’s IT systems including SAP PM and Track Recording Vehicles Measurements Database.

 April 29, 2012  RAMSYS, Iarnrod Éireann, decisions support system

Dublin, Ireland, April 2012 – Iarnrod Éireann has invested significantly into last-generation infrastructure condition-monitoring vehicles and equipment in the recent years. Since, all these measuring and inspection systems produce a huge amounts of infrastructure condition data (e.g. measurements, defects, etc.) as well as enormous collection of details about the assets detected (e.g. GPS co-ordinates accurate up to 0.1 m, asset position, location, etc.), the national railway operator has decided to move a further important step forward by introducing the RAMSYS software, the decision support system designed and developed by MERMEC Group to collect, analyze and correlate the condition data of its network.

Despite this wide range of data available, many railway operators are not able to perform thorough and systematic analyses of the condition data, especially over long periods of time and in cross-correlation with other data (i.e. asset inventory, work history and operational data).

"Today track maintenance is heavily based on subjective evaluations carried out by the Regional Infrastructure managers. In fact, there is no integrated decision support system in use, which means that in general the data required for maintenance planning and control are not correlated and not systematically used for condition forecasting." says Cathal Mangan, Technical Manager,Civil Engineering.The introduction of RAMSYS will bring a more objective approach to track maintenance that will result in better quality and overall optimization of resources involved. "RAMSYS will give Iarnrod Éireann the opportunity to use existing data not only for defect generation but also as driver of maintenance" says Pietro Pace, RAMSYS Product Line Manager.

RAMSYS will be seamlessly integrated and fully operable in conjunction with the Company’s current management software in particular with its IT landscape, SAP asset management system and TRV (Track Recording Vehicle) system, enhancing intelligent joint analysis of all relevant data and the complete and objective planning of maintenance and renewal actions for the railway assets both in short and long term.

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Irish Railways choose RAMSYS Asset Management Tool by MERMEC Group

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