CEO Keynote Speech at 2014 Kick-off Meeting

MERMEC Group CEO Andrea Certo delivered his keynote address to employees and international business partners

 January 17, 2014

On 17 January Mermec Group held its 2014 Kick-Off meeting gathering a number of employees as well as business partners at Masseria Torre Coccaro near Fasano (BA).
This event was the occasion to present 2013 results as well as 2014 objectives and strategies.

"MERMEC Group continued its path to deliver profitable growth in 2013" said Andrea Certo, Mermec Group CEO "Despite the ongoing challenges in the global market, the Company set another full year record for orders collection - backlog and operating margins.
We responded to challenging economic conditions by aggressively accelerating new product rollouts, expanding the customer base into new markets, optimizing manufacturing operations.
All the conditions are in place to suggest that Mermec will continue to create a profitable growth also in 2014, in line with the challenging objectives set in the Business Plan, which foresee doubling Revenues in 4 years.
My special thank to all the incredible people working for Mermec contributing to this exciting result!"

In his speech Mr. Certo described the 5 Key Strategies of the Company for the years to come:

  • Innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Industrialization
  • Systems Integration
  • Advanced Services

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