Over 200 guests coming from 43 countries and speaking 32 different languages met together to network and discuss the future of railway industry in the beautiful setting of the AXICA Congress Centre in Berlin

 September 22, 2014

On Monday, September 22nd, 2014 the MERMEC Group hosted its 4th InnoTrans Gala Dinner in Berlin. The event attracted an audience of over 200 top corporate and government leaders coming from 43 different countries. Presidents, CEOs and Managing Directors of the most prestigious world railways and rapid transits met with ministers for transport and infrastructures in the beautiful setting of one of the masterpieces of modern architecture, the headquarters of the DG Bank in Berlin, the AXICA Congress Centre.

"The Gala Dinner provided a fantastic networking opportunity – said Pietro Stama, MERMEC Group Chief Marketing Officer – and featured guests such as the Minister Maurizio Lupi, Chairman of EU Transport Council on Infrastructure and Transport, who has been the keynote speaker at the gala."

"Unarguably, we had an unique chance to network, reflect and discuss the hottest trends, topics and challenges emerging in our industry" – said Andrea Certo, MERMEC Group Chief Executive Officer who held a speech to underline the strategic importance of establishing strategic partnership between competent and demanding customers and technological suppliers.

"In MERMEC we are intimately convinced – continued Andrea Certo – that it is only through cutting edge innovation that we can deliver superior products while providing tangible value added to our customers worldwide. Now we would thank those friend, partners and customers who supported the gala this year and renew our invitation to the next edition. See you in Berlin in 2016".

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