Power Supply & Electric Traction

Power Supply & Electric Traction

Trusted partner of choice for the electrification of the rail industry.

Rail is the most environmentally kind mode of transport, releasing 80% less greenhouse gas compared to motor vehicles. We help railways to satisfy growing demand, by designing and deploying reliable and low-emission electrification systems.

Power Supply & Electric Traction
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Power Supply & Electric Traction

We offer services for all aspects of alternating and direct current traction electrification systems, including LRT, urban mass transit, commuter systems, inter-city transit, and high-speed trains.
Our expertise includes all features of railway electrification comprised of traction power supply and distribution systems, including overhead contact system and third-rail contact system for all system voltages.

MERMEC also offers the following services for rail electrification:

  • Initial planning/feasibility studies to determine electrical needs and capacities
  • Traction power simulation studies to determine/confirm/increase available power capacities or operating potentials for an entire network, or for a particular branch line
  • Complete design packages (drawings, specifications, staging plans, etc.) from conceptual and preliminary to final engineering phases
  • Testing, commissioning and start-ups of installed electrification systems to bring new or upgraded networks into revenue service
  • Traction power system designs, including system configuration, developing specifications and design drawings, load flow simulation studies to optimize the power system design, relay protection system, and safety aspects, including grounding, bonding, and lightning protection.

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