Dimensional Measurement

Dimensional Measurement

Automatic measuring solutions for the complete dimensional check of hot, raw and finished monoblock wheels.

Railway working condition continuously marks new bounds. Factors as increases in speed or axle loading, as regulations concerning interchangeability drive the demand for ever-challenging geometry requirements for wheels. Traditional measuring techniques are no longer enough to ensure by themselves best-in-class levels in quality control practices.

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WheelCheck Measurement Station

Automatic dimensional check of hot wheels during production
The system is usually installed right after the finishing press to measure the full wheel profile and wheel diameters, the key dimensions and the wheel quality parameters.
WheelCheck enables the client to correct, in real time, the working parameters, directly and automatically identifying the main rolling defects during the production phase. The 3D visualisation software shows out of tolerance dimensions and the localisation of excess and lack of material.

Measured parameters
  • Wheel profile (2D and 3D)
  • Wheel dimensions
  • Wheel quality
  • Wheel temperature
Wheel diameter measurement range Up to 1500 mm (std vision field, customizable upon specific request)
Temperature range Up to 1150 °C
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WheelCheck Quality Station

Automatic dimensional check of raw and finished monobloc wheels
WheelCheck is an optical, non-contact system, based on laser triangulation technology, for the complete dimensional measurement of the monobloc wheels varying in flange diameter up to 1400mm. The complete profile, all the key dimensions and run out circularity of the wheels are automatically measured according to EN13262 requirements. The key dimensions of all the wheel holes are obtained by integrating the HolesCheck contact measurement system.
Identifying any dimensional defects in real time, WheelCheck enables the operator to make prompt decisions on wheel destination.

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