RAMSYS at a Glance

RAMSYS at a Glance

RAMSYS is a single modular software platform that uses decision support engines and prediction modelling for short to long-term planning of railway infrastructure maintenance & renewal (M&R) works.
Railway-specific algorithms and configurable rules allow accurately assess the current asset conditions and predict their future behaviour. RAMSYS enables scenarios comparison to ensure safety and quality at minimum life cycle cost.
In fact, RAMSYS allows infrastructure managers and train operators to better manage, monitor and control maintenance operations, resources and equipment while optimising service level outcomes and capital and maintenance expenditure.

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Core Functionalities

RAMSYS validate, analyze and correlate volumes of current and historic data (measurements data, maintenance activities data, asset type’s data...) to effectively plan maintenance, maximize infrastructure availability, ensure on-time reliability, and guarantee the highest level of safety.

  • ANALYZE: Manage condition data in a secure and efficient manner. By adopting a single product platform for data storage, data verification and processing, railways can reduce at a minimum level time and operators effort required between measurement and information distribution.
  • PREDICT: Apply condition-based life-cycle degradation models to accurately predict the future condition and service levels of every asset. By applying service-based life-cycle degradation curves at specific asset, asset type or asset class level, RAMSYS is able to accurately forecast the health of the entire railway network, and monitor the effects of maintenance and treatments applied.
  • COMPARE: Create scenarios to demonstrate the impact of increased or decreased maintenance and renewal activities to inform CAPEX & OPEX investment decisions. This informs decision making about expenditure that maximises the health of asset, based on accurate scenario modelling of treatment types, intervention points, and more.
  • PLAN: Determine short to long-term M&R activities and funding requirements to achieve desired service levels. Produce a prioritised year-by-year M&R works program. By providing a list of assets due for treatment in a given year, RAMSYS ensures businesses understand both the works activity required and its financial implications.
  • OPTIMIZE: Allocate M&R activities in the optimal way to extend asset lives, improve service levels, and minimize planned outage times while respecting available funding /reducing costs. RAMSYS algorithms and rules have been built, tested and proven to enable true optimisation across a range of asset types.
  • CONTROL: Check the efficiency and efficacy of maintenance works by using historical measurement and work data. RAMSYS allows benchmarking the maintenance execution for increased work productivity control.

Why Choose RAMSYS

RAMSYS can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with other enterprise systems, such as EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), GIS, Dashboards, etc. to achieve a seamless workflow and enable users to:

  • Import a wide variety of data including assets, work, inspection and measurements data using standard templates
  • Validate data before using them for decision support
  • Provide comprehensive reporting capabilities (e.g. asset, defect, measurement, tonnage, GPS, activity, planned works, etc.)
  • Employ different data processing capabilities (validation, analysis, planning,..) within a single software platform
  • Employ GIS, Reporting and Business Rules Engines without the need of third party tools and related licenses
  • Identify immediately risk areas, wback logs, future maintenance demand and work priorities 

General Architecture

RAMSYS has been designed to get full value from all the railway asset data and enable better maintenance decisions. With data validation, data analysis and maintenance planning being even nowadays hosted on different platforms, RAMSYS revolutionizes the way data integration and analysis can contribute to the entire maintenance process by offering a single software platform able to load data from any measuring and inspection system and flexibly implement a diverse set of operational activities.

RAMSYS is logically organized in functional units, named modules (analysis, planning, trending & forecasting…) that can be bundled together into a larger application to flexibly accommodate the specific customer needs. Its architecture allows deployment of a large number of users over local and wide area networks. Every user’s client can be configured to run specific modules’ functions over specific subset of data.

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