Internal Rail Flaw

Internal Rail Flaw

The ever-rising need to internally inspect the rail at high speed to avoid track possession and integrate it with high speed contact less technologies overcoming actual technologies limitations.

Vision systems can't simply do everything. Some of the most insidious defects develop within the rail. The full infrastructure assessment can be performed only including these internal flaws with the most advanced ultrasonic technology.

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Ultrasonic Inspection

The Rail Flaw inspection system is based on a structure, which is connected to a dedicated boogie attached to the inspection vehicle. The mechanical interface holds all the transducer holders. This mechanical module is designed to keep the transducers in contact with the rail providing them with the required parameters to ensure proper coupling. The mechanical design is vital to keep such contact conditions while tracking the track route, so that the system will be able to inspect the track at speeds up to 100 Km/h (dependent on track surface and geometry conditions).

Product Family Track Inspection
Technology Ultrasonic, Contact with water coupling
Parameters Internal rail defects according to UIC 712 and FRA 213:
  • Horizontal Cracking
  • Progressive Transverse Cracking
  • Weld defect
  • Longitudinal vertical Split Head
  • Star Cracks
  • Squat
  • Head Check
  • Foot Corrosion
  • Split web
Mounting Dedicated Bogie Underframe
Maximum speed Up to 80 km/h (50 mph)
Certifications Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection System verification in accordance to UIC 712, issued by Independent Safety Assessor
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Served Railways
Mass TransitMass Transit
High SpeedHigh Speed
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