TRACKWARE at a Glance

TRACKWARE at a Glance

TRACKWARE features the most intuitive multi-function review and analysis software available on the market, completely revolutionizing the way maintenance workers can access and navigate through multiple types of measurement data in a completely integrated and synchronized way.

TRACKWARE is a flexible application used to visualize, synchronize, navigate, verify and validate all the measurement data in one single place, either on-board of measuring trains or in office. It acts as the gateway to the entire suite of MERMEC measuring and inspection systems offering a complete control of user-selected set of relevant data with fewer hand/eye movements in the measurement cockpit.

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Core Functionalities

TRACKWARE enables maintenance workers to access different systems’ data simultaneously as well as to navigate through them in a synchronous way.
TRACKWARE seamlessly combines multiple data types - for instance, track geometry plots, driver-eye video of leading and trailing track, track surface high-definition images – enabling a multifunction display of a diverse set of infrastructure’s information all referred to a spatial database (GIS maps).

TRACKWARE’s users are able to compare in real-time measurements done on the same track section in different dates.
In addition, TRACKWARE is able to process and notify defects, calculate quality Indexes, generate reports and printouts.
TRACKWARE has been designed to seamlessly interoperate with the entire suite of MERMEC measuring and inspection systems.


TRACKWARE revolutionizes the interface between maintenance engineers and optoelectronic systems: streamlining menu structures, eliminating visual clutter, replacing a whole host of displays with their buttons and selector switches.
TRACKWARE allows users to navigate and cross correlate measures of different diagnostic systems with a unique interface and a single data format and it is able to contextualize any point of interest using video and GIS Map.
TRACKWARE brings the following key advantages:

  • light and easy to install;
  • fast and highly responsive in accessing the data;
  • intuitive and friendly user interface;
  • all the main functionality can review and analyse the measurement data;
  • customizable in according to specific user needs thanks to a plug-in approach;
  • flexible configuration to work in different ways.

TRACKWARE is designed to be easily updated, not only allowing for quick database and software updates, but also support for future technologies as they evolve.

General Architecture

TRACKWARE is part of a comprehensive suite of desktop products for managing asset information, valuations, maintenance management and predictive analysis, specifically designed for customers requiring an on-premises LAN/WAN solution but with a web-based portal to access customer data as well.
TRACKWARE versatility, scalability and efficiency are a result of its system architecture. Based on industry standards, TRACKWARE’s architecture enables it to deliver advanced performance. As new technologies become available, upgrades or modifications to TRACKWARE can be as easy as a simple software downloads. Clients will enjoy enhanced capabilities while minimizing costs.

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