Optical system for non-contact profile measurement of long products

September 2009, Stahl und Eisen - European Edition

 September 28, 2009

- Erlangen/Germany.

In future, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies will be marketing the ProScan gauge of the Italian company Tecnogamma S.p.A, Morgano Treviso within the scope of its portfolio for long-product rolling mills.

ProScan is an optical system which enables the dimensions, shape or surface data of complexly shaped, hot-rolled products to be measured during operation. ProScan is based on structured laser technology. The system is usually installed after the finishing stand of the rolling mill, where it measures the full profile of the final product and automatically identifies any out of tolerance dimensions, enabling the operator to correct, in real time, the working parameters. Subsequent analysis of the measurements allows the user to determine where improvements can be made and ensures that productivity increases are realized.
The standard version comprises not only the profile measurement system but also 2D visualization for easy operation. With the aid of an optional optical module, ProScan also permits detection of surface defects. This solution can be used, for example, when rolling rails to test the rail heads. In this case, the early detection of defects reduces the reject rate and extends roll life.

ProScan can interface with common Siemens peripherals such as large-figure displays or the Sprite SPC (statistical process control) system, thus offering rolling mill operators a complete solution for the non-contact measurement of rolled material.

Stahl und Eisen - European Edition September 2009
Optical system for non-contact profile measurement of long products

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