MERMEC Gala Conference @ Innotrans 2016

MERMEC had the pleasure to host an inspiring Gala Conference event to inaugurate InnoTrans 2016. The Gala attracted more than 200 top business and institutional guests coming from 47 countries.

 September 30, 2016

The AXICA Congress Centre (headquarters of the DG Bank in Berlin) was confirmed as a magnificent setting to discuss such a hot topic as the Digitalization in the Rail Sector.
This foreseeing Panel saw the commitment of institutional and business leaders sharing both their visions and precise actions to be taken in order to make concrete the future of the railway industry.

MERMEC CEO, shared in World Premiere the shift of paradigm that Digitalization is generating: a massive amount of data to turn into real value – IOT: the Internet of Tracks.

The Panel continued with the Italian Railways CEO, Mr Renato Mazzoncini, highlighting how digitalization is touching every aspect of a railway organization, including the crucial customer experience offering an intermodal system of transport.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC General Director, stressed the importance of the integration that needs to run between digitalization and industrialization.

Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr Graziano Delrio, pointed out the unrelenting work carried on together with the European Commission to create awareness and promote infrastructure and sustainable mobility.

The panel was exclusively closed by the EC Commissioner for Transport and Mobility, Ms Violeta Bulc "These are the most important moves for the future of European Transport":

The pleasant dinner featuring live music was the perfect conclusion to this stimulating night that put the basis for an ambitious InnoTrans 2016.

InnoTrans had also been the perfect moment to launch three revolutionary products both for the diagnostics of the Infrastructure and the Rolling Stock:

  • the modular and most integrated investigation of every key aspect of the pantograph, the P-CHECK
  • the comprehensive internal inspection of the Railway at 100 km/h, the Ultrasonic Inspection
  • the extremely accurate analysis both for the combined track and turnouts at 160 km/h, the Turnouts Measurement System.

Innotrans confirms itself as the touchstone for the Railway Industry – being able to connect the most advanced companies to create future tangible value, together with the presence of distinguished institutional leaders to immediately demonstrate the significance of the performed outputs for the benefit of the entire population.

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