MERMEC inaugurates the first ERTMS cross-border application on RFI and SBB lines

 October 26, 2018

October 26th, 2018 – The MERMEC ERTMS/ETCS L1 system has become operative from October 2018 on the cross-border line Domodossola/Domo II – Iselle between Switzerland and Italy.

This is the first cross-border section included in the TEN-T Connecting Europe Facility policy to enhance European Interoperability and develop connections for passenger and freight trains with ERTMS/ETCS system.

The Project is included in the migration strategy from the existing Italian signalling system, namely SCMT (Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno), towards ERTMS interoperable solutions.

The project is part of the TEN-T 4th call project “2012-IT-60009-P” to demonstrate the interoperability between lines and on-board equipment, both ETCS Baseline 3.

The following project’s stages have been successfully accomplished before the starting of the commercial operation of the ETCS L1 LS + Euroloop with overlay of Eurozub system on this line:
• April 2015: MERMEC ETCS on-board system baseline 3 installed on Trenitalia vehicles
• October 2015: MERMEC ETCS Limited Supervision and Radio Infill installed on Domodossola – Preglia railway line
• December 2015: MERMEC and RFI completed world’s first dynamic test for Baseline 3 ETCS L1 Limited Supervision with Radio Infill; IOP test (Subset-076) for BL3 ETCS on-board system successfully completed at the accredited Multitel laboratory
• June 2016: on-field test with Eu Agency representative
• November 2017: authorization for the Eurozub system on the railway section Preglia-Iselle
• 25th October 2018: authorization for the ETCS L1 LS on the overall railway line Domodossola / Domo II – Iselle:
   - First Italian application of ETCS system on the conventional lines
   - First Italian application of ERTMS Baseline 3 specifications (BL3 Maintenance Release 1 in accordance with the Technical Specification for Interoperability in accordance with TSI 919/2016)

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About MERMEC – MERMEC is a global leader and technology innovator specialized in the design and development of measuring trains and signaling systems for railways and rapid transit worldwide. MERMEC portfolio includes Automatic Train Control systems (on board and wayside) and trackside equipments, complete with design, testing, installation and project management. It has developed flexible and modular signalling solution that allows the implementation of five different automatic train protection schemes including the ERTMS Level 1 and Level 2. MERMEC is an Associate Member of the UNISIG consortium, which defines internationally the technical specifications of the ERTMS standard since 2010.
The Group, which employs over 500 highly specialized professional located in 17 countries, has a unique portfolio of advanced solutions. It has sold over 1500 measuring systems to the most important railways and metro companies around the world; 90% of the high-speed diagnostic trains currently in use around the world are powered by MERMEC technology.


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About ANGELSTAR – MERMEC has entered a Joint Venture with STADLER (, to create AngelStar; an international engineering company specialized in the design, development and supply of ERTMS onboard signaling and control solutions for the world’s railways.
This partnership can count on complementary strengths, shared long-term visions, consistent business principles and a strong commitment to customer-driven innovation. The cooperation between the two joint-venture partners is opening up new market opportunities and local knowledge while offering to AngelStar’s customers world-leading technologies and proven experience in delivering large-scale projects.

MERMEC and ANGELSTAR are member companies of Angel, the Italian high-tech holding who leads a group of pioneering companies, global leaders and technology innovators in delivering end-to-end solutions to railway, space, aviation and “internet of things” sectors.
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