InteGRail makes a stop in Monopoli

MER MEC hosted the plenary meeting of the InteGRail Project.

 April 1, 2008

Monopoli, Italy - Recently MER MEC hosted the plenary meeting of the InteGRail Project (a project financed by the 7th Frame Work Program of UE).
The meeting, which was held April 1st - 3rd, was organised at the MER MEC headquarters in Monopoli.
After the first phase of defining and designing the specifications, InteGRail is, today, in the phase of full implementation.
The meeting, who saw the participation of representatives from Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Imec (software), Seebites, DeltaRail, Unicontrols, researchers from Birminghan and Edimburg Universities and, obviously, MER MEC, was an occasion to bring together several modules already realized in sight of the first prototype of the IGRIS platform (InteGRail Informative System).
The InteGRail Project aims to realize a holistic and coherent informative system, that integrates the most important railways sub-systems in order to reach higher performance levels in terms of capacity, accuracy, average speed, safety and optimised use of resources both for rolling stock and infrastructure.
The project doesn't aim to replace the existing systems, on the contrary, it aims to implement a software platform that allows for the exchange and sharing of information between different elements of the railway sector (infrastructure, operators, manufacturers, suppliers ...) with the goal of optimizing the decisional processes.
The project will define innovative intelligent procedures and new standards compliant with EC directives and rules and with TSI - Technical Specifications for Interoperability.

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