The Thirteenth Scientific Symposium of the Arab Union of Railways

 November 4, 2008

Amman, Jordan - MERMEC Group will be present in Amman to contribute to the Symposium's principal theme: "Towards high level of railways transportation services for passengers and goods, keeping a high degree and safety of trains traffic".

The MERMEC Group's heritage in safety management is a precious experience to share with the group of people who are attending the event to dedicate more attention on this important theme.
The MER MEC Group, that is sponsoring the Symposium, will held a speech on November 4th about safety and efficiency technology in railway networks management.
An elite group of executives, experts, university professors and specialists from important Arab and foreign networks, railways organizations and companies will participate by presenting lectures, studies and work papers.
Working sessions will be presided over by the General Directors of Arab railways networks participating in the symposium.

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