Serbia: Italian technology for the railway network

Italferr (FS group)/Tecnogramma (MERMEC Group) together have been awarded a contract worth three million Euros

 September 14, 2010

• a new IT management and maintenance system
• Italferr (FS group)/Tecnogramma (MERMEC Group) together have been awarded a contract
• contract worth three million euros, for three years from October 2010

Rome, September 14, 2010

Italian technology for the Serbian railway network maintenance and management systems.
Through its representatives in Belgrade, the European Union has assigned Italferr (FS Group) to create the new IT system (RMS - Railway Management System) for the Serbian Railways.
The contract is worth three million euros and it will last for three years. It was assigned to the Temporary Association of Companies formed by the engineering company of the Italian State Railways (FS) Group and by Tecnogamma, a MERMEC Group company, at the conclusion of international bidding that included leading competitors such as the German and Hungarian Railways.
The ATI will start work in October 2010 with an aerial survey campaign of the railway assets along Corridor X and the Serbian section of the Belgrade - Bar line to create the database of the entire railway infrastructure.
The two companies will then have to create a new “intelligent” diagnostics and maintenance system, made possible by the use of sophisticated diagnostic vehicles and advanced data management and reading software.
Lastly, the Italian Consortium will transfer to the Serb Railways the know-how necessary to: purchase maintenance machinery and predictive diagnostics vehicles; run the new IT system with assistance in the start-up phase; train Serb railway personnel.
Strengths of the Italferr-headed grouping include the experience built up in developing the Italian railway infrastructure, the solid background in implementing EU projects and the leadership of the MERMEC Group in the international market of diagnostic vehicles and management and maintenance software for railway networks.
With this contract, Italferr strengthens its presence in the former Yugoslavian countries, after being appointed to design the new bridge over the Danube (2007), signing the contract to develop the National Transport Plan of Serbia (2008), carrying out the feasibility study to modernize the Croatian section of Corridor X (2009), assisting in the reform of railway regulations in Bosnia - Herzegovina and executing the technical and economic study to modernize the Belgrado - Bar railway line.
The MERMEC Group consolidates its position as world leader and benchmark innovator specializing in the supply of integrated solutions for diagnostics and efficient management of railway infrastructure maintenance and revamping. It has railway clients in 37 countries all over the world and this contract brings the number up to 122.

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