RAMSYS at WestNet Rail: from data harvesting to decision support

WestNet Rail, which operates and maintains the 5,200 km rail freight network in the south west of Western Australia, engaged MERMEC Group's Railway Asset Management and Decision Support Solution (RAMSYS) for the implementation as its PIMS (Perway Information Management System).

 November 2, 2010

Perth, 2nd November 2010 - Last year MERMEC Group successfully piloted PIMS on a subset of the WestNet Rail network and is now continuing with a full implementation involving 5 regions and the head office.
Last month the rollout in the first region was completed.

The PIMS Pilot demonstrated to key users how RAMSYS effectively supports the critical task of collecting and analyze data about railway infrastructure assets and their condition and how the RAMSYS embedded rule engine efficiently assists asset managers and engineers in producing corporate reporting, improving analysis of maintenance requirements and making right decisions within WestNet Rail with a full set of information.
The Pilot phase proved to be an essential element in, amongst others, preparing users for the execution of the first acceptance tests.

The WestNet Rail Users' familiarity with the interface, comprehension of RAMSYS' key building blocks, as well as the specification of customisations required, ensured quick and effective acceptance testing resulting in a quick turnaround of any feedback on queries.
Requested customisations include specific functionalities for field staff to locate and verify asset data, speed restrictions management and enhancement for dual gauge data management.

At WestNet Rail, Daniel Mimnagh, Project Manager of PIMS and his team confirmed:

  • RAMSYS full alignment to the functional requirements
  • User-friendliness and intuitive RAMSYS interface
  • Strong industry collaboration with MERMEC Group's product being developed by Railway Engineers for the railway industry.

For the PIMS business case, WestNet Rail identified several benefits, including increased safety, enhanced condition based and predictive maintenance and corporate knowledge retention.

RAMSYS at WestNet Rail

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