MERMEC Group gets an order for 5 measuring systems from Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)

MERMEC Group has been awarded a contract from MTM, the Melbourne’s metropolitan train network operator, to supply five different trainborne measuring and inspection systems that will be used for railway infrastructure control and predictive maintenance planning.

 March 27, 2013  Metro Trains Melbourne, MERMEC Group, catenary geometry and wear, Track geometry, Rail Profile

Melbourne, Australia – MERMEC Group will provide a complete set of measuring and inspection systems to MTM, the mass transit company that operates 203 six-carriage trains across 830 kilometers of lines in the Melbourne’s metropolitan area. The supply will be part of a project that includes the refurbishment of a track recording vehicle already owned by MTM and aims to guarantee the automated inspection of the entire railway network.

The bundle of measuring systems has been ordered, will allow the measurement of dozens of different parameters, such as catenary geometry and wear, track geometry, rail profile, and structure clearance. Track inspection system will enable automatic identification of any safety critical defects on the track surface, and a video transmission and recording system will acquire trains driver view. Finally, a specifically designed module of RAMSYS – the MERMEC Group’s advanced railway decision support system software - will be provided for easier data review and trend calculation.

“This contract confirms the importance of the Australian market for our company” said Pietro Stama, MERMEC Group Marketing & Business Development Director “We are delivering our cutting edge technology to every market segments from heavy haul and conventional railways to mass transit. MERMEC is strengthening its reputation as a reliable supplier of state of the art measuring and inspection solutions for the Australian railway companies.”

The project is expected to be completed before the end of this year but a first set of measurement systems will be delivered within the first half of 2013.

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MERMEC Group gets an order for 5 measuring systems from Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)

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