Two grinding machines supplied by LORAM to German National Railways will run MERMEC diagnostic systems

LORAM maintenance of Way Inc., one of the leading suppliers of track maintenance machinery and services in North America and the global market, has chosen MERMEC Group technology to equip two grinding machines have been supplied to German National Railway Deutsche Bahn (DB)

 September 26, 2013  LORAM maintenance of Way Inc, MERMEC Group, grinding machines, Rail Profile, rail corrugation

Hamel, MN USA – LORAM Maintenance of Way Inc., the track maintenance machinery supplier headquartered in Hamel MN, has recently installed and integrated four MERMEC Group optoelectronic systems for rail profile and rail corrugation measurements onboard the two grinding vehicles have been delivered to the German Railway Operator Deutsche Bahn (DB). Each LORAM’s maintenance vehicle has been, in fact, equipped with the two different types of no-contact technology to accurately and efficiently drive the high precision operation of rails grinding.

The Rail Profile System will measure the complete cross-section of the rail head calculating all its geometrical parameters while the Rail Corrugation System will appreciate the rail roughness severity in four different critical wavelengths. The LORAM grinding vehicles will be soon in service in Germany and thanks to their rail diagnostic capabilities will be able to verify, in real time, the efficiency of the grinding itself.

Rail Profile and Rail Corrugation Systems provided to LORAM have been subject to a severe assessment process by the final customer DB which has validated the systems themselves and their production process certifying compliancy to the First Article Inspection (FAI) criteria. MERMEC Group measuring systems successfully passed assessment and obtained the DB’s FAI stamp in February 2013.

LORAM Maintenance of Way Inc. and MERMEC Group already partnered together in previous supplies of maintenance machines and measuring systems to the German National Railway; DB has in fact already certified the MERMEC Group Rail Corrugation System.

MERMEC’s systems for grinding application have been used for years by the major grinding operators. Thanks to these years of specific experience and feedback received from the field these systems effectively incorporate several features enabling grinding operations at the forefront of rail profile and surface condition maintenance practices. Nowadays, there are more than 30 systems used by grinding operators in Italy, Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa and USA.

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Two grinding machines supplied by LORAM to German National Railways will run MERMEC diagnostic systems

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