Global HR Program & Strategy launched at Angelo Investment Annual Meeting 2015

2015 annual meeting officially launched the new "Global Human Resources Program and Strategy" presented by Mauro Tiraboschi, recently appointed HR & Organization Director at Angelo Investments.

 September 9, 2015

2015 State of the Union Address

Mola di Bari (Italy) – "Angelo Investments Annual Meeting 2015" took place Wednesday September 9 at Sitael headquarters in Mola di Bari and was attended by more than 1000 employees some of which remotely connected via video-conferencing from the all international offices of the Group. The annual reunion is a special "formative and informative" event involving all the different Angelo Investments member companies - MERMEC, Blackshape, Sitael, VVN - and dedicated to networking, motivation, information sharing and goals alignment.

2015 annual meeting has been the occasion to officially launch the new "Global Human Resources Program and Strategy" that’s been presented by Mauro Tiraboschi, recently appointed HR & Organization Director at Angelo Investments. The HR program, reserved to all the companies' employees will provide a comprehensive bundle of initiatives including talent assessment, coaching, mentoring by leaders, formal education, job rotation as well as special welfare benefits and allowances - concerning health, education also for employees' families - and incentive plans. The "Global Human Resources Program and Strategy" has been designed to underline the founding principle that guides the leadership development within the Group: personal growth and career success is driven only by value and talent and is based on merit.

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