MERMEC to host the 99th CEN meetings with a focus on the Track Geometry Quality

Working Group 28 is one of the forty Working Group which compose the CEN Technical Committee 256 for Railway Applications

 October 28, 2015

Monopoli (Italy) – The CEN Working Group 28 "Track Geometry Quality" meetings will be hosted by MERMEC in Monopoli on 5th and 6th November 2015.

Main topics of the next meeting will deal with:

  • SC1 Information
  • Revision of comments for EN 13848-5
  • Revision of EN 13848-2

Working Group 28 is composed of experts from European Railway Administrations, railway operators, infrastructure owners, private manufacturers and maintainers Companies.
The Working Groups draft documents in accordance with the work specifications, guidelines and time schedule provided by the Technical Committee and in accordance with CEN drafting rules.
CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, was founded in 1961 by the national standards bodies in the European Economic Community and EFTA countries. Together with CENELEC and ETSI, CEN is entitled by the Railway European Agency to issue technical European Regulations (ER) promoting interoperability of the networks.

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About CEN

CEN (European Committee for Standardization) is an officially recognised organisation (EURegulation 1025/20121) responsible for developing and defining standards at European level. These standards set out specifications, requirements and recommendations in relation to a wide range of products and services. The members of CEN are the National Standards Bodies of 33 European countries including all of the EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. CEN also works to promote the international harmonisation of standards in the framework of a technical cooperation agreement with ISO (International Organization for Standardization). European Standards are developed through a process of collaboration among technical experts nominated by business and industry, research institutes, public authorities, consumer and other stakeholders. These standards are implemented throughout all f the 33 countries covered by CEN.
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