Data Analysis & Reporting at a glance

Data Analysis & Reporting at a glance

The information needed to make critical decisions about railway maintenance and planning requires enhanced real-time and post-processing software, such as RAMSYS and TRACKWARE, able to turns measurements data into useful information. Experienced operators are dedicated to use these tools on board of our fleet of hi-rail vehicles or at our Inspection Competence Centre (ICC), to eliminate erroneous and inaccurate records, to align different types of data from various sources, to correlate figures and finally identify the real root-causes of problems affecting the infrastructure.

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Data Processing & Planning

Data analysis and planning service are designed to make maintenance crews’ life easier. Whether at the reactive or predictive level, our Inspection Competence Center (ICC) operators help railways ensure asset maintenance is executed efficiently. Using appropriate condition or meter-based triggers, ICC operators create maintenance events based on predictive data, to enable specific intervention before assets fail. This approach delivers sensible cost savings to our customers, as maintenance activities are only performed when and where they are really needed rather than on an arbitrary date.

Custom Reporting

Defects reporting as well as maintenance planning are delivered to customers either electronically or by a configurable dashboard on the cloud displaying key metrics relevant to specific user roles at every log in. There are multiple standard reports available depending on customer requirements. Additional reports can be easily created to allow measuring campaigns results to be easily exported for inclusion in asset management plans and other documentation, and to facilitate communication inside our customers’ organization.

Data Storage

MERMEC Advanced Services organization can provide data storage for track data at MERMEC Inspection Competence Centre. Centralized data storage ensures safe and secure hosting of valuable and sensitive information while it provides flexible navigation structure to customers’ users. System advanced security restricts viewing of data by user.

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