Surface Inspection

Surface Inspection

A complete range of real-time measuring solutions for the automatic surface inspections of bars, beams, rail and special profiles.

The global competition continually forces the steel industry to provide products of even greater quality in a very effective way. Mills have to continually focus their efforts thus improving the overall quality via optimizing their working processes.
Learning about surface problems as soon as they occur, operators can immediately react to the worsening causes and can enhance their process knowledge with important feedbacks resulting in the improvement of the production practices.
Top performance in sampling frequency, camera resolution and real time data of our systems assure the user to effectively have system at the forefront of measuring applications thus effectively able to help mills in the challeges they face.

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SurfaceCheck Inspection System

Advanced on-line surface inspection of hot rolled long products
SurfaceCheck detects the required surface defects in a continuous way throughout the entire profile and the complete rolled piece. The system is based on the analysis and processing of the images acquired by a group of cameras at high resolution and high frame rate. Various occurring defects as projections, peelings, cracks and rolling marks, imprints, foldings, gouges, rolled-in particles and so on are grouped, case by case, under classes cross-matching specific descriptive criteria.

System versions For small to "jumbo" products
Min detected defect Typical width ≥ 0,1mm
Typical rolling speed Up to 110m/s
Operating temperature 400°C up to 1200°C
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