MER MEC unveils tunnel gauging system

May 2009, International Railway Journal - Keith Barrow

 May 2009

MER MEC unveils a high-performance tunnel inspection system at the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI) International Exhibition of Permanent Way Technology (IAF) on April 21.
T-Sight 5000 is an high-resolution clearance profiling system capable of recording detailed data and tunnel wall conditions while travelling at up to 200 Km/h. All objects inside the cross-section are scanned by a laser beam reflected in the camera.
As the object moves through the laser beam, contour slices are accumulated to build up a complete image of the object, which can then be viewed and analysed on board of the train.
The ssystem is capable of measuring an area up to 8 m from the centre of the track, meaning it also measures other parameters such as ballast profile.
T-Sight 5000 will initially be tested on a high-speed diagnostic vehicle operated by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).


IRJ - May 2009
MERMEC unvelis tunnel gauging system

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