Official presentation of MERMEC Group at INNOTRANS 2008

MER MEC (Italy), Tecnogamma (Italy), Imagemap (USA) and Inno-Tech (France), today, form the MERMEC Group

 September 23, 2008

Berlin, Germany  - MER MEC (Italy), Tecnogamma (Italy), Imagemap (USA) and Inno-Tech (France), today, form the MERMEC Group, the world's leading business in design and development of end-to-end solutions that improve safety, efficiency and reliability of railway networks.
The MER MEC Group currently provides products and services in more than 35 countries worldwide to nearly 90 major customers.
The product portfolio is organized in 4 business areas:

Diagnostic Systems & Vehicles - onboard, non-contact measuring systems for railway infrastructure condition monitoring (permanent way, catenary, tunnel, TLC, Signalling); non-contact wayside measuring systems for rolling stock condition monitoring; self-propelled measuring vehicles specifically designed around the installation and integration of multiple onboard measuring systems.
Railway Signalling - turn-key solutions for Automatic Train Protection (onboard and wayside equipment), computer based interlocking traffic control.
Advanced Services - modular software platform for railway asset management (RAMSYS) allowing predictive maintenance and renewal planning; measuring services for rail infrastructure condition monitoring.
Steel & Industrial Applications - industrial measurement systems for automatic measurement and analysis of hot & cold profiles and surface inspection systems for long bars (rails), railway wheels and large open-die forgings.

MER MEC S.p.A. - Monopoli (BA), ITALY - Founded 1988
Throughout its more than 20-year history, MER MEC has been responsible for major technological advancements that have contributed to significant improvement in railway diagnostic solution development.
Established as joint-stock company in 1988, the company has a long and significant history of world-class engineering accomplishments deriving from its rich legacy of technology and innovation. It is this pioneering tradition that has enabled the company to become a global technology leader and innovator. Initially known for its solutions in diagnostics, MER MEC name is now also associated with its asset management and signalling offering.
MER MEC is the only global supplier able to internally carry out design, development and manufacturing of all its leading portfolio of solutions spanning railway vehicles, hardware, equipment and software applications.

ImageMap Inc. - Columbia, USA - Founded 1988
With 20 years of focus on innovative measurement solutions for the global railway industry, ImageMap has become a world-class leader in high performance diagnostic systems.
ImageMap's high-speed, non-contact measurement systems are used worldwide by the top railway operators in order to safely and efficiently operate their networks.
Thanks to its continuous innovation and high-quality product, ImageMap has become a well known and highly reputable supplier of latest generation measurement technology for rail, track and wheels.

Inno-Tech - Marseille, France - Founded 2007
The newly launched Inno-Tech's primary mission is to facilitate railway companies' work to achieve continuous improvement in quality, safety and performance.
Inno-Tech offers a large portfolio of services and products for railway infrastructure measurement and diagnostics. Thanks to its know-how the company is also able to supply customers with consulting services such as feasibility studies and design and development of diagnostic systems for every aspect of railway infrastructure (rail, clearance profile, and catenary).
At present, Inno-Tech software applications for railways are being used in France, Switzerland, Italy and Korea.
Although its initial focus is on the railway industry, Inno-Tech carries out technically ambitious R&D activities in fields such as aerospace and energy.

Tecnogamma S.p.A. - Badoere di Morgano (TV), Italia - Founded 1982
Created in 1982, Tecnogamma has become a highly specialized company in the fields of artificial vision and laser system technologies.
Since its beginnings, the company has been constantly active in automation systems applied to industrial plants and machinery, and strongly focused its production on certain, particularly innovative, sectors, constantly increasing its own technological level. Starting from creating its first laser scanning system in 1983, the company has continued to promote research in the field of optoelectronic technologies and has developed various applications for the quality control and contactless, dimensional-control sectors.
With a diversified product portfolio for the railway, steel and naval industries, Tecnogamma, is operative in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

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