G7 Transportation: MERMEC Group called upon to represent Italy in Japan

 June 17, 2023

MERMEC, the leading Italian group in the advanced technology fields for the safety and digitization of rail transport, is participating in the work of the G7 Transportation. The event, which is to be held on the Ise-Shima Peninsula, home to Japan’s holiest Shinto shrines, has sustainability and accessibility as the work’s central themes, and includes the presence of one company from each nation. Each presents their development activities on these themes.

MERMEC illustrates the benefits of integrated digital technologies in infrastructure surveying, which precisely enable increased sustainability and accessibility. The vertical integration of technologies, through Trains and Measurement Systems, Aircraft, and Satellites with proprietary skills and technologies within the same group, is a unique competitive advantage in the world that Italy can proudly represent in this prestigious context. Bilaterals are also scheduled during the event with the ministers from the seven countries together with Order of Merit of Labor Mr. Vito Pertosa, Chairman of Angel Holding to which MERMEC belongs, and Eng. Luca Necchi Ghiri, who was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of MERMEC Group with specific experience in infrastructure.

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