MERMEC@UIC High Speed 2008

 March 17, 2008

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Integrated railway asset management and RAMSYS, the modular software solution for high speed lines maintenance, will be the core of Stasha Jovanovich's - MER MEC Executive Manager for Asset Management - intervention expected Monday, 17 March 2008 during the International Conference UIC High Speed 2008 in Amsterdam - from the 16th to 19th March.

The speech, scheduled during the Parallel Session 2, Topic 6 "Innovations in fixed and mobile equipment", will display preventive maintenance advantages in terms of costs and resources and position itself among the most important studies about innovation and future tendencies.

The main theme of 6th World Congress on high speed rail, under the patronage of Jacques Barrot, Vice President of the European Commission will be: "Fast track to sustainable mobility".
The 6th World Congress & Trade Exhibition on High Speed Rail in Amsterdam will be the most important event in the long distance passenger rail transportation and infrastructure businesses.
All strategic issues linked to the development of high speed rail systems will be addressed at this global event organised by UIC, NS and ProRail, with all key players from the international transport scene expected to attend.

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