MERMEC Group to participate in the "Industria 2015" Program for sustainable mobility

 February 2009

ITALY - MERMEC and Tecnogamma, MERMEC Group companies that have always been leaders in innovation and active in research, will demonstrate these attributes by contributing to the POSTRAIN Project aimed at improving national mobility. The project will be financed by the Italian government via the Industria 2015 Program.

MERMEC and Tecnogamma will team together to develop a mobile unit for rail traffic management that is compliant with ERTMS standards. The two companies will develop a localized system able to elaborate data from a satellite and an onboard wheel temperature detection system. Both systems are part of a major project for the engineering and development of a Multiple Unit Electric locomotive (EMU) in configuration with two rail cars. The Industria 2015 Program includes activities of industrial research and experimental development relative to several subsystems of electric locomotives. These activities will create a working two rail car prototype, complete with equipment, systems and facilities.

The impact of this project will not only be measured by innovation, it will also have industrial and economic spin-offs. Industria 2015 is the plan for New Industrial Politics in Italy enacting the EU Directive 2006/32/ED of April 5, 2006. EU Members will have to hit the target of energy saving of 9% within the 9th year from the application of the Directive, by applying any measure of energy management improvement and energy efficiency. The Ministry of Economic Development, through Industria 2015, will economically sustain those projects that aim to improve energy management, industrialization process of sustainable energy technologies and related R&D in a short-medium time range, thus 2015.

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