RFI presents InfraManager @ MCM 2008

 October 21, 2008

Verona, ITALY - The second edition of MCM - Mostra Convegno Internazionale della Manutenzione Industriale, held at Veronafiere the past October, saw the presence of 59 participating companies coming from 7 countries and more than 5500 visiting operators.

The event is an important meeting in Italy for all the Industrial Maintenance operators.
Mr. Gian Piero Pavirani, - Maintenance Engineering Manager from RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) - Italy's railway network infrastructure owner - presented a paper entitled "The organizational role of maintenance engineering at RFI".

The central theme of the speech was InfraManager’s introduction in RFI.

InfraManager, a version of RAMSYS (Railway Asset Management SYStem), is a system designed and developed by MERMEC Group to support Maintenance & Renewal decisions. The objective of InfraManager is to enable more efficient management of track, overhead line, signaling and telecommunication maintenance data, and to transform them in useful information for the end users. InfraManager is integrated at the data level with RFI’s SAP-based Maintenance Information System In Rete 2000.

Using a set of data interfaces (Web Services-Based) InfraManager is capable of exchanging all the SAP data relevant to maintenance (e.g. asset data, defect data, work orders, etc.).
The final output of InfraManager is a list of the right activities to be planned and their priority, a first prerequisite for resource optimization.

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