Eurobalise stores infrastructure data as pre-formatted ‘telegrams’ (position reference, speed limits, line gradient, works on the line, etc.) and sends to train movement authorities and trackside data when energised by power from train's antenna.

The product is compliant with UNISIG standard "SUBSET-036 FFFIS" and "SUBSET-085 FFFIS", thus respecting the interoperability and functionality requirements for the ERTMS and SCMT systems.
The Eurobalise is able to operate with the principle ATP systems (KVB, EBICAD and RSDD).

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Fixed balise
Fixed balise sends a line data telegram to the vehicle.The telegram contains operating information and provides details on the position of the train on the line (reference point). In the fixed balise, the line data telegram is stored permanently. This data can be changed by the user at any time, if required.

Switchable balise
Switchable balise. All signal codes corresponding to the possible signal aspects and their associated telegrams are stored in Lineside Equipment Unit (LEU) installed at the trackside. In accordance with the signal aspect, the appropriate telegram is passed on to the variable data balise which in turn transmits it to the train. Switchable balises are connected through point to point cables with LEU that provides both data signal (telegrams) and power supply. The switchable balise checks the quality level of the data signals received from the LEU and, in case of failure, transmits a default data telegram which is stored in the balise’s non-volatile memory.

Type Reduced size up-link balise
Debris Class Class A, as referenced in “SUBSET-036 FFFIS” - UNISIG
Radio Interface (A Interface) Compliant with Euro specification “SUBSET-036 FFFIS” - UNISIG
Antenna Magnetic loop antenna
Programming Via air-gap
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +70°C
  • Climate Condition: Group 4T according to IS402 classification
  • Mechanical Condition: Group 4V according to IS402 classification
  • EMC/EMI: ETSI EN 300 330, CENELEC EN50121-2, CENELEC EN50121-4
Reference to standard
Reference to V&V standards
  • EN 50126 - Railway Applications. The specification and demonstration of Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety
  • EN 50129 - Railway Applications. Safety related electronic systems for signalling
  • SUBSET-085 UNISIG - Test Specification for Eurobalise FFFIS
  • IS 402 RFI - Railway Applications. Type tests for electronic and electromechanical devices
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