Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Flexible and modular solution for efficient movement of trains along the line

Centralized Traffic Control

CTC system conducts dispatching and command of the trains and shunting operations in the section under jurisdiction and achieves centralized control by signal equipment like interlocking and section block. CTC, therefore, overlaps hierarchically over interlocking and fixed block installations that allows traffic control between railway stations and represents the management core and organization of railway traffic.

Traffic Control Systems
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Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Centralized Traffic Control by MERMEC STE is an integrated solution that meets the continuous demand of Railway Infrastructure Managers for efficient traffic management network. To improve quality of services and the optimization of the operation, CTC automates the operations and supports the control and regulation of the railway traffic:

  • Automatic train identification (Train Description function), monitoring and displaying on Supervision Pictures and Time-Distance Diagrams (Train Graph Function)
  • Automatic Route Setting; Schedule Regulation based on train identification and current position
  • Alarms Management
  • Reports generation containing timetable deviations, failures, delay causes and Others
  • Remote Control and Supervision, Monitoring and full remote operation of railway installations (interlockings).

Together with Supervision and Control interface, the CTC can be integrated with multiple sub-systems of public information, telephony, telecommunications, fire detection, video surveillance, diagnostic and access control.

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