Multi-Station Computer Based Interlocking (M-CBI)

Multi-Station Computer Based Interlocking (M-CBI)

Enabling safe operations around the globe by allowing real-time information, efficient and safe management of hundreds of trains a day, quick and timely response in case of need.

Computerised Multi-Station Interlocking System

Computer based Interlocking systems ensure safety. They receive controls and send commands to wayside equipment within the station and along the line, determine if routes are safe and implement them, and provide real time information on movement requests. They receive commands from railway traffic control centre and evaluates them with respect to interlocking and traffic safety rules and the actual wayside equipment situation so that only safe commands can be executed. They monitor the railway infrastructure and the state of the traffic continuously and sends information regarding them back to the control centre (local and centralized).

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Multi-Station Computer Based Interlocking (M-CBI)

M-CBI by MERMEC STE (COMPACT SIS 4) is a modular and scalable platform ideally suited for small to large applications. It has been designed for all types of rail traffic, with stations of several sizes and it provides the availability required by the Infrastructure Managers. The modular hardware and software operate reliably with minimum maintenance needs. M-CBI includes a fully redundant interlocking computer and duplicated transmission and communication units. It satisfies the requirements for Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) in the CENELEC standards. M-CBI includes a Central Post where the Vital Nucleus, HMI, and communication board towards other systems (CTC, RBC, other CBI) are equipped and Peripheral Posts containing Object Controllers as much as needed to manage the specific outside plant layout. The whole system is kept under control by mean a web based diagnostic system. Host of different functions are available on single platform:

  • Designed to increase system availability and simplify installation and maintenance
  • User-programmable application logic using application and simulation tools
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • ETCS lev.1 functions can be fully integrated in the system.
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