Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication Systems

Leaders in the technological innovation of telecom systems and their integration in railway environments.

Our telecommunications business designs and delivers brand new mission-critical networks, and seamlessly integrated new network elements into complex existing infrastructure, for rail, metro and rapid transit customers.

Telecommunication Systems
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Architecture design and systems integration

Working with a broad range of network and customer technologies means we are able to deliver a wide range and complexity of services in mobile, fixed and ICT networks. Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians bring together a diverse range of experiences. We deal directly with the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems for information management, and for the management and control of equipment and transmission media in the railway sector.

We work side by side with our clients from the very outset of their projects. During the initial project stages, this requires significant consulting and engineering work to define the requisite equipment and its distribution and design the systems, integration architectures and solutions that best address the client's requirements and those of the project itself.

The goal is deliver integrated, efficient and scalable solutions using leading technologies.
To date, we have designed and installed telecommunication systems to support remote controls and interlocks or data transmission systems for High Speed Line, GSM-R networks with radio coverage study, Emergency Telephone Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, radio systems for tunnel coverage and gap filling, radio propagation and optimization study.

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