MERMEC brings innovative technology to level crossing safety

Annual report issued by National Railway Agency (ANSF) depicts safe railways in Italy with key performance indicators aligned or trending better than those of the European Union thanks also to the adoption of cutting-edge technology

 March 30, 2015

Mermec brings innovative technology to level crossing safety

Monopoli (Italy) – The total number of railway accidents is decreasing in Italy year-over-year but railway companies and institutions are conscious that extra effort still remains to set fatalities to zero.
To hit this challenging goal Italian National Railway is executing advanced prevention programs based also on the introduction of brand-new and innovative technologies like the ones MERMEC is currently supplying: multi-safety train inspection portals, level-crossing obstacle detectors.
Among the critical situations highlighted in the annual report issued by the Italian Railway Agency - ANSF, there is an emergency common to all the European countries. As matter of fact, about 30% of fatalities in Europe happen at level crossings and are caused mainly by an improper pedestrians behavior.
MERMEC Group has always supported Italian National Railway in a partnership relation which has allowed development of technological solutions able to prevent accidents and protect lives.
A tangible example of this collaboration is the brand new Level Crossing Obstacle Detection System (LOD), designed to allow a quick obstacle detection in the level crossing area even in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog.
LOD’s high reliability (SIL-4 architecture) and extreme accuracy makes it one of the most advanced on the market today. Several trials are currently going on with European railways thanks to LOD’s ease of installation, flexible configuration, seamless integration with the existing signalling systems.
The LOD system goes directly into MERMEC's wide portfolio of solutions designed for advanced inspection of railways and rapid transit around the world.

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